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“This is something I’ve been looking for — for the longest,” she said, her voice soft but strengthening. “And here I am.” "Improving physical activity, reducing sedentary time and ensuring quality sleep in young children will improve their physical, mental health and wellbeing, and help prevent childhood obesity and associated diseases later in life," Dr. Fiona Bull, program manager for surveillance and population-based prevention of noncommunicable diseases at WHO, said in a release.

So is the Disney Plus streaming service worth paying for? The details that we know so far are below, but basically: If you love Star Wars or Marvel movies or if you have kids, you may find yourself considering yet another subscription. The way that Tesla's proposed system would work is relatively straightforward. Instead of having a central processor and individual wires going to separate components without those components having any connection to one another beyond the central processor, Tesla would set its components up in loops.

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John T. Tate, a mathematician who explained many fundamental ideas in the theory of numbers, many of which now bear his name, and who won the 2010 Abel Prize, a top math award modeled after the Nobels, died on Oct. 16 at his home in Lexington, Mass. He was 94. Mercedes-Benz touts this plug-in hybrid technology as its smartest yet. The third-gen system includes intelligent packaging to make space for the electrified part of the powertrain. Specifically, the exhaust under the vehicle floor and doesn't run to the rear. The brand said this helps save a tremendous amount of space in the trunk -- a major issue when packaging plug-in hybrid powertrains. For Europe, the system also includes route-based operations. Translation: The car knows when it enters a zero-emission area and will run on electricity only.

Extreme Rules 2019 was a surprisingly good show. Following high-profile events on Saturday from both AEW and New Japan Pro Wrestling (wrestling fans: sign up to New Japan World for the G1. Trust me), WWE capped the weekend off with Extreme Rules, a Philadelphia-based pay-per-view that aired on the WWE Network. WWE is currently in the throes of bad ratings and a couple of back-to-back poor shows, but this one was somewhere in between good and great. "Nissan has already taken steps to rightsize its North America region. We will continue to monitor and react to market demand, but have no plans for further workforce reductions at this time," a Nissan representative said in a statement.

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Log In"The 2019 CT6-V marks the expansion of the V-Series sub-brand and is the proof point of Cadillac's commitment to build high-performance vehicles as we continue our product offensive," Steve Carlisle, president of Cadillac, said in a statement Monday. "Fans of Cadillac will see high-performance variants across our portfolio." Should you buy a refurb? Amazon Renewed policy including standards, guarantees and refunds is detailed here, but the key is that the retailer stipulates that "you are eligible for a replacement or refund within 90 days of receiving the product if it does not work as expected."