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Opportunity continued trundling across the Martian landscape. Instead of just 90 Martian days, Opportunity lasted 5,111, counting the days until its last transmission. (A Martian day is about 40 minutes longer than an Earth day.) When Apple unveiled the iPad in 2010, Steve Jobs presented the tablet as a third device that we could carry along with a computer and smartphone.

I didn’t immediately peg the theme, though. I thought Ms. Taylor presented quite an artful version of one of the first bits of wordplay we learn in life — I can remember stumbling over simple tongue twisters like “She sells seashells” before I even learned to read. I overthought things at first (remember the triple spoonerisms from Patrick Berry last year? I thought of that one when looking at these two entries, to start); then I realized the hint in the puzzle’s title and the light went on. It’s gotten so bad that I’ve stopped bothering to ask him to decode the mysteries of millennial behavior and taste, much less to decipher what makes the younger TikTok generation tick.

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For Mr. Biden, 76, the risks are obvious: the accusations feed into a narrative that he is a relic of the past, unsuited to represent his party in the modern era, against an incumbent president whose treatment of women should be a central line of attack. Mr. Biden has denied acting inappropriately but has said he will “listen respectfully.” Lizzy Caplan will be on “Conan” to talk about joining Season 2 of the Hulu series “Castle Rock.”

The American sanctions, which Mr. Rouhani described Monday as “wrong, cruel and illegal,” delivered a blow to an already fragile Iranian economy, and the Iranian government has responded with what is effectively a two-track strategy — rebuilding its capability while insisting that Europe make up for the economic losses caused by American sanctions. Twisting delicately up the calf, these strappy staples are a playful update on the Greek classic.

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Log InThe game-changing play has been a game changer for Robey-Coleman. He said he had received numerous death threats, and his social media accounts have been overwhelmed with hate mail from angry Saints fans. “He had talked to both Pete and I about succession, so we knew we had his support. There were moments it was scary, because I think he only saw one screening of ‘Frozen 2’ and he had been a real partner on the first film.” Sometimes, she said, the operating ethos after his departure was “What would John say?”